07 January 2014

5 papers accepted at OFC14

The following regulars papers have been accepted at OFC14.

  • M3H.4. Dynamic Multi-domain Virtual Optical Networks Deployment with Heterogeneous Control Domains, Ricard Vilalta; Raul Muñoz; Ramon Casellas; Ricardo Martínez; Shuping Peng; Mayur Channegowda; Tasos Vlachogiannis; Reza Nejabati; Dimitra E. Simeonidou; Xiaoyuan Cao; Takehiro Tsuritani; Itsuro Morita
  • Tu2G.7. Experimental Investigation of Discrete Multitone Transmission in the Presence of Optical Noise and Chromatic Dispersion, Annika Dochhan; Helmut Griesser; Laia Nadal Reixats; Michael . Eiselt; Michela Svaluto Moreolo; Jorg P. Elbers
  • Tu2G.8. Experimental Demonstration of Elastic Optical Networking utilizing Time-Sliceable Bitrate Variable OFDM Transceiver, Josep M. Fabrega; Michela Svaluto Moreolo; F. Javier Vilchez; Bijan R. Rofoee; Yanni Ou; Norberto Amaya; Georgios S. Zervas; Dimitra E. Simeonidou; Yuki Yoshida; Ken-ichi Kitayama
  • W3A.2. Dynamic Differential Delay Aware RMSA for Elastic Multi-path Provisioning in GMPLS Flexi-grid DWDM Networks, Raul Muñoz; Ricard Vilalta; Michela Svaluto Moreolo; Josep M. Fabrega; Ramon Casellas; Francisco Javier Vílchez; Ricardo Martínez; Silvano Frigerio; Alberto Lometti
  • Th3I.2. SDN based Provisioning Orchestration of OpenFlow/GMPLS Flexi-grid Networks with a Stateful Hierarchical PCE, Ramon Casellas; Raul Muñoz; Ricardo Martínez; Ricard Vilalta; Lei Liu; Takehiro Tsuritani; Itsuro Morita; Victor Lopez; Oscar Gonzalez de dios; Juan-Pedro Fernández-Palacios

We look forward discussing them in San Francisco from 9th to 13th of March 2014.