Cognitive Network Optimization Techniques

Cognitive Wireless Networks (CWN) are characterized by the addition of cognition capabilities such as reasoning and learning to wireless devices and networks, with the aim of providing enhanced adaptability and reconfigurability to cope with the ever-growing challenges of radio communications.



Mobile devices within a CWN operate following the so-called Cognition Cycle, which is composed of the following phases:

  1. Observe the wireless communication environment;
  2. Orient, i.e., understand the current status of the surrounding environment and predict its future evolution;
  3. Decide, i.e., choose the reconfiguration strategy which is expected to maximize the satisfaction of the communication requirements of the user;
  4. Act, i.e., reconfigure the device and perform the communications according to the previously identified strategy;
  5. Learn, i.e., evaluate whether the action has been successful or not, and leverage on this knowledge for future decisions.