Measurement Techniques for Wireless Networks




Network measurements have been in use since the early days of the Internet. However it was not until the late 90’s when the topic started gaining momentum within the research community. Nowadays this research field is gaining maturity with an important number of models, techniques and tools being used widespread. However, networks are continuously evolving and demand continuous research on novel measurement tools and techniques that can help network protocols, applications and users to understand and adapt to these changes.


We mainly focus our research in two particular directions. On one side we are researching on extending advances on network measurements to wireless networks, with the challenges that this process entails. On the other side we are working on studying appropriate methods to use network measurement advances in order to improve the performance of network applications and protocols.


During the last years there has been an important effort from the research community to progressively adapt network measurement tools to take into account the particularities of wireless networks. Research results have shown that the network models used to design traditional (wired) measurement tools do not hold in the presence of wireless networks. As a result novel models and tools have emerged that are being applied in wireless networking scenarios. However, the wireless networking scenarios present a high level of complexity that demands further and deeper research on the matter. Besides, network measurement techniques are progressively fed back into network applications in order to improve their performance, both in wired, wireless and hybrid networks. However, despite the important research advances achieved during the last decade, network protocols and applications do not fully exploit them yet.

Evaluation methodology

Network measurement largely benefit from the advances on queueing modeling. We complement this with extensive simulation and experimentation results that are used to accurately validate the results.


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