Permanent Positions

Thanks for your interest in joining the Mobile Networks Department. Currently, there is no open permanent position for which you can apply. However, you can apply here to a permanently open call.

Postdoc Positions

If you hold a PhD degree in Telecommunications or Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or other related fields, you are interested in doing a postdoc with us, and you think your profile matches the research interests of the Mobile Networks Department, you can send us your CV and a brief explanation of how you would see your research work linked with that of the department. Please, send it to the following e-mail address: monet_email.

Ph.D. students

Unfortunately, the CTTC does not currently offer PhD grants. If you can get a grant from other organizations and you are interested in doing your PhD thesis in the Mobile Networks Department of the CTTC, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: monet_email.

Master Thesis

If you want to do the Master/Diploma Thesis with us, please take a look at our research interests and send an e-mail to monet_email with a description of your interests.