Top projects (TO BE UPDATED SOON)

5G-TRANSFORMER (H2020 5GPPP Phase 2)


5G-REFINE (MINECO TEC2017-88373-R)


5G-NR mmwave




SCAVENGE (Marie Curie)


LENA. LTE-EPC Network Simulator


Ubiquisys, the developer of intelligent cells, and the COMNET Division of CTTC are working together to develop the world’s first open source product-oriented LTE network simulator.

The simulator will provide a common platform for LTE femto vendors and LTE macro vendors to evaluate their different solutions. The advantage for operators is that they can be sure that large and small cells from different vendors will work harmoniously before they are deployed.

In WCDMA networks, femtocells and macro cells work independently, but in LTE all cells work together as a single SON. This means that the adaptive behaviour of femtocells and macro cells is interdependent.

Simulators are important because they can evaluate product behaviour in a mature, densely deployed and heavily used network, at a time when real deployments are in their infancy. Ubiquisys made extensive use of a WCDMA network simulator during the development of its first generation of intelligent femtocells.

The open source LTE simulator is based on the popular ns-3 network simulator for internet systems. The development of the LTE simulator is open to the community in order to foster early adoption and contributions by industrial and academic partners.

For more information about Ubiquisys, please visit For technical information about the simulator, see the LTE-EPC Network Simulator (LENA) page.