Elastic Mobile Networks


The increasing volume and variability of traffic demands requires schemes that adapt the mobile network resources in an elastic way. Furthermore, the current network management processes, which in general require human intervention, do not seem to be able to keep apace with the growing network complexity. Therefore, future network architecture is expected to simplify in some way its building blocks and their interactions whilst enabling a high-level control of the network coupled with automated decisions taken in much shorter timeframes than those the mobile operators are hitherto used to. Additionally, there is another dimension to be added to such flexibility that comes hand-in-hand with NFV, which, if appropriately managed, is expected to fulfil the operator goal of remarkably reducing network operational cost.


The Elastic mobile networks group focuses on architectural approaches and building blocks which provides a flexible (on requirements) usage of network resources. This includes the study of the best centralization/distribution trade-off network organization towards an efficient consumption of resources throughout the network as well as schemes enabling network resource sharing through infrastructure virtualization.

 Centralized with distributed SDN network architecture for DenseNet wireless Backhaul

Centralized with distributed SDN network architecture for DenseNet wireless Backhaul


Technological Objectives

  • An architecture of dynamically managed and operated network functions that integrates and exploits the best of Software Defined Networks  and Network Function Virtualization.
  • Demonstrating the operation of such architectural framework for specific virtual
    functions such as, virtual small cells, virtual self-organized networking functions, and virtual Traffic Steering.
  • Network Orchestration to manage the life cycle of the VNFs of interest.
  • Hybrid Software Define Mobile Network paradigm: Centralized and distributed control plane for DenseNet wireless Backhaul.
  • Elaboration of an elastic mobile networking experimental environment with SDN/NFV technologies.
  • Optical-wireless interaction between the mobile network layer scheme and the transport network layer for a complete elastic end-to-end network architecture.

Relation with past research lines

As explained before,  Elastic Mobile Networks refer to those mobile networks capable of dynamically adapting to demand variability in a context of increasing network size and complexity. Additionally, the exisiting cost constraints require such networks to appropriately handle the sharing of network resources. Previous work of the division aligned with this trend can be classified into two main groups:

  • At the mobile network layer, we have proposed SON schemes that, among others, exploit machine learning, game theory, or fuzzy logic for radio resource management, call admission control, network selection, or energy management. Further information can be found mainly at the past research line “Smart IP Flow and Mobility Management  Techniques”.
  • At a more architectural level, we tackled the 3GPP architectural constraints of a new small cell deployment approach called Network of Small Cells. In turn, this sort of deployments also have implications at the transport network layer. In our previous work, we designed and evaluated a self-organized backpressure algorithm for the wireless backhaul, capable of making the most out of the network resources in massive small cell deployments. Further information can be found mainly at the past research line “Routing in Self-Organized Wireless Mesh Networks”.


The activities of this research line are inserted within the following projects:

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