Software Tools

The Mobile Networks department is continuously enhancing and developing software solutions that leverage our expertise on experimental research.

  • LENA is an open source product-oriented LTE/EPC Network Simulator that allows LTE small/macro cell vendors to design and test Self Organized Network (SON) algorithms and solutions.
  • ns-3 ns-3 is the network simulator officially endorsed by the Mobile Networks department. Several department members are actively involved in the development of ns-3 extensions, which are used to perform part of our research activity.
  • Ekiga The core client was taken as the starting point to develop the following extra features for research purposes: SIP Mobility, Horizontal Handover, and Interface Selection.
  • Click Using the Click architecture, we have deployed a framework for protocol development, scenario setup, and protocol evaluation. The choice of Click to simplify network-level protocol development also allows evaluating the parameters of interest by adding simple counters or dumping trace files at selected points of the packet processing path in the nodes and by developing simple parsers to process all the data gathered at each of the nodes.
  • PCAP Trace Parser PCAPNSE is a flexible and easily extensible wifi frame parser fully developed within the Mobile Networks department. The software supports our experimental research measuring several raw parameters of interest, mainly WLAN oriented, using the PCAP libraries and processing the data from each sniffed packet.
  • WiMON The tool generates metrics of packet loss and network utilization of wireless networks, based on the delays and losses of the beacons packets sent by the acces points. It also provides other information such as the received signal strength indication (RSSI), the security (i.e. WEP, WPA or WPA2 protected network), the BSSID of the access point, the SSID and channel of every network.
  • Lispmob The Mobile Networks department is an active contributor to the Lispmob project (an open-source LISP Mobile Node implementation for Linux) with extensions like flow management and multihoming support.
  • SolarStat is an open source tool aimed at deriving simple but yet accurate stochastic Markov processes for the description of the energy scavenged by outdoor solar sources.