ns-3 is the network simulator officially endorsed by the Mobile Networks department. Several members are actively involved in the development of ns-3 extensions, which are used to perform part of our research activity.

Our ns-3 contributions

The Mobile Networks (MONET) department of CTTC is very active in the participation to the
ns-3 development community.
Among the current and past most relevant tasks and contributions, we highlight:

  • Maintainership of the following ns-3 modules
    • LTE
    • spectrum
    • antenna
    • buildings
    • wifi (until 2013)
  • the development of the LTE module as part of the LENA project
  • Mentorship of the following Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects:
    • GSoC 2010: MAC and PHY models for LTE (student: Giuseppe Piro)
    • GSoC 2012: LTE Scheduling with the FemtoForum MAC Scheduler API (student: Dizhi Zhou)
    • GSoC 2013: Improvements to UE Measurements in Active and Idle Mode for LTE Module (student: Budiarto Herman)
  • development of backpressure-based routing protocols
  • radiotap and prism header support for PCAP traces (now included in ns-3)
  • development of the spectrum module
  • Voice over IP application modules
  • experimental validation of the ns-3 wifi model using the EXTREME testbed
  • many enhancements and bug fixes for the wifi model

Video Gallery

ns-3 overview
LENA Project Overview
The LENA ns-3 LTE Module