PCAP Trace Parser

PCAPNSE is a flexible and easily extensible wifi frame parser fully developed within the IP Technologies Area. The software supports our experimental research measuring several raw parameters of interest, mainly WLAN oriented, using the PCAP libraries and processing the data from each sniffed packet.


Multiple inputs 
The input source can either be a compatible PCAP file already stored (off-line) or a real live interface running in monitor mode (on-line).
Multiple headers 
PRISM and Radiotap physical headers are completely supported.
Multiple parameters 
Several parameters are reported:

  • Packet Loss Ratio
  • Number of sniffed frames
  • Mean transmission time of a DATA frame
  • Channel Business Ratio
Multiple outputs 
The parser can be configured to output the data periodically through several interfaces:

  • Standard output
  • MySQL database
  • DBUS (IPC)
Completely written in C++.
Its generic design makes easy adding new inputs, outputs or calculating new parameters.

Use cases

The PCAP parser has been successfully employed as the main monitoring engine and trace analyzer employed in DESSERT.


This software has been developed for internal use of the area. However, we are always open to collaborations so do not hesitate in contacting us to explore possible ways to joint efforts.