SolarStat is an open source tool aimed at deriving simple but yet accurate stochastic Markov processes for the description of the energy scavenged by outdoor solar sources. The tool has been developed in conjunction with Department of Information Engineering (DEI) of the University of Padova using Matlab and is available under the GPL license at
The goal of the tool is the modeling of the energy harvested by photovoltaic panels with small form factors as the one adopted by embedded communication devices such as HetNet small cells and wireless sensors nodes. The tool is based on a methodology aimed at defining Markov models that can be adopted in the investigation of self-sufficient communication system both from theoretical and simulation point of view, where there is the need of an accurate estimation of the energy income within the daytime in order to be able to optimize the system accordingly. The tool provides models based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) radiation database for year 1991 to 2010, including several locations of the US: Chicago, Los Angeles, Odessa, Reno and New York. A more detailed information of the tool and the methodology is available in pdf format.