The group currently holds the following patents:

[1] J. Nin Guerrero, P. Dini, C. Anton-Haro, J. Mangues Bafalluy, Method and System for Toll Collection Based on a Mobile Cellullar Network, International Application Nº:PCT/2011/0701 (submitted)

[2] M. Portolés, A. Krendzel, J. Mangues, Method and System for Measuring Quality of Networking Nodes, International application Nº: PCT/EP2007/053660 (priority Spanish Patent 200700995), European Patent Number: 2188947.

[3] Method for Logical Deployment, Undeployment and Monitoring of a Target IP Network, International Application Nº: PCT/EP2006/009960. Granted patent: USA 8.111.632, Japan 4851595, EP2098028.

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