Network Simulation


The Mobile Networks department has a strong expertise regarding the following aspects of network simulation:

  • design and implementation of custom simulation models based on given requirements
  • extension of existing simulation models
  • execution of large simulation campaigns for performance evaluation or validation purposes
  • profiling and optimization of network simulation models
  • maintenance and support of network simulation models
  • training in the use of network simulators
  • training in the development of network simulation modules

Activity record

The following list illustrates examples of projects and activities related with network simulation that have been carried out by the MONET Department:

  • Development of the LTE-EPC Network Simulator (LENA), including:
    • emulated protocol models (RLC, PDCP, RRC, X2)
    • simulated protocol models (PHY, MAC, S1)
    • radio propagation models
    • simulation configuration tools
    • KPI measurement tools
    • reference simulation scenarios
  • Development of distributed backpressure routing and deployment in a multi-hop wireless testbed through ns-3 emulation
  • Official maintainership of the following modules of the ns-3 simulator project:
    • LTE
    • Wi-Fi
    • Spectrum
    • Antenna
    • Buildings
  • ns-3 training courses offered at several venues:
    • ns-3 overview
    • ns-3 lte module overview
    • ns-3 wifi module overview
    • hands-on training on running simulations with ns-3 (including the use of the lte and wifi modules)
  • Use of ns-3 based models for performance evaluation as part of the research activities in the following projects: