Network Testbed Design and Deployment

The Mobile Networks department has experience in testbed design and development with focus on wireless networks.

Testbeds developed by the group:

  • 3G/HSPA cellular platform
    • Macro-cell and femtocell scenario
    • Use of real equipment and emulators
  • Wireless mesh platform
    • Multi-radio mesh routers
    • Linux
    • ns-3 emulation framework (reuse of exactly same code in simulator and testbed)
    • Click Modular router (fast prototyping of new algorithms and protocols)
  • All-wireless network of femtocells scenario
    • Takes best of 3GPP and data networking worlds
  • Heterogeneous wireless access platform
    • 3G/HSPA and IEEE 802.11 wireless access
    • Loosely coupled integration architecture
    • Overlay based on SIP for session control and mobility management
    • Multi-interface mobile terminals
  • WAN optimization
    • Aggregation of capacity of various links for high definition video transmissions
  • IMS prototype
    • Testing of Next Generation Network Services

For more information on this topic, please visit our EXTREME Testbed page.