Distributed core and edge cloud platform for the deployment of VNFs and Multi-Access Edge computing (MEC) apps

The core cloud infrastructure composed of a core-DC with high-performance computing (HPC) servers and an intra-DC packet network with alien wavelength transport to the optical core network. The edge cloud infrastructure is composed of micro-DCs in the edge nodes and small-DCs in the COs. The distributed core and edge cloud platform is composed by one core-DC, two small-DCs, and four micro-DCs, leveraging virtual machines (VM) and container-based technologies oriented to offer the appropriate compute resources depending on the network locations. Specifically, VM-centric host virtualization, largely studied in the scope of large data centres, is used for the core-DC and small-DCs, and container-based technology, less secure but lightweight, for micro-DCs. The core-DC is composed of three compute nodes (HPC servers with a hypervisor to deploy and run VMs) and each small-DC with one compute node. The four micro-DCs are integrated in the edge nodes, together with the OpenFlow switch. The intra-DC packet network of the core-DC, is composed of four OpenFlow switches deployed on COTS hardware and OVS technology as well. Two out of the four OpenFlow switches are equipped with a 10 Gb/s XFP tunable transponder connecting to the optical core network as alien wavelengths. The four OpenFlow switches are controlled by an SDN controller running ODL responsible for the Intra-DC network connectivity. The distributed cloud computing platform is controlled using three OpenStack controller nodes, one for controlling the four compute nodes (computing, image and networking services) of core-DC, another for the two compute nodes of the small-DCs, and the last for the four compute nodes of the micro-DCs.