Generic Control Plane Emulator

s a complementary infrastructure to the aforementioned systems, let us mention the availability of dedicated control plane emulators. From a research point of view, one of the focus and goals of the ADRENALINE testbed is the performance evaluation of traffic engineering algorithms and control plane schemes. For this purpose, and in addition to the aforementioned ADRENALINE components, a set of all-purpose servers, without associated hardware (i.e., the hardware is emulated) is being used allowing a high degree of flexibility in topology configuration, without restrictions regarding the targeted network topology or regarding the resources per link (e.g., number of available wavelengths, fibers, etc). This testbed infrastructure can be used for multiple purposes: from large networks encompassing tens of nodes (which would be impractical to reproduce constrained by real hardware cost and space) to OpenFlow networks in which packets are actually forwarded using software switches.