Simulation Lab Equipment

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Simulation tool for optical systems design and analysis:

  • VPItransmissionMaker™Optical Systems
  • VPIcomponentMaker™Optical Amplifiers
  • VPIcomponentMaker™Active Photonics
  • VPIplayer™
  • Design and analysis of optical transmission systems, by means of electrical and optical basic modules (e.g. transmitters, modulators, receivers, amplifiers, filters, fibers, …). Network elements, signal processing and math functions are also included. Data import and interactive simulations with other software, using standard programming languages, are allowed
  • Design and characterization of optical amplifiers based on both doped-fiber and doped-waveguide, including laser applications
  • Design of active and passive photonics devices. For optical signal processing and investigation on integrated components
  • Tool to run and share VPI set-up: it does not requires access to the professional software
OPNET Technologies
OPNET Modeller 14.15A:

  • Applications and Systems (Applications, RPG, Server)
  • Data Link Layer (ATM, Ethernet, FDDI, VLAN, Token Ring, etc)
  • Network Layer (H.323, IP, IP Multicast, IP QoS, RSVP, etc)
  • Routing (BGP, EIGRP, IGRP, IS-IS, OSPF, etc)
  • Transport Layer (TCP, TPAL)
  • Wireless (MANET, SMART MAC, TDMA, WiMAX (802.16e), etc)
  • Design and analysis of different communication networks, devices, protocols and applications. There are included hundreds of protocols and vendor device models with source code.
  • It has object-oriented modeling, hierarchical modeling environment as well as an open interface for integration of external object files and libraries. Modeler includes the hierarchical editors: Project, Process and Node editor, where the structure of real networks, equipment and protocols is built.