SDN/NFV Cloud Computing Platform and Core Network for 5G Services

The ADRENALINE testbed encompasses multiple interrelated although independent components and prototypes, to offer end-to-end services, interconnecting users and applications across a wide range of heterogeneous networks technologies for the development and test of 5G services.

Different components span IT and networking domains, and allow researchers, system vendors and operators to evaluate experimentally, in conditions close to production systems, all aspects related to cloud computing in distributed environments with multiple geographically split data centers, while jointly managing storage, computing and networking resources.

ADRENALINE includes a multi-technology control plane for multilayer (packet over optical) networks, whichmanages the networking resources and covers the long-haul core transport and aggregation segments. In brief, a control plane is software that automates the processes involved in the provisioning of networking services, such as optical lightpaths, or Ethernet/MPLS-TP/IP connectivity services. The design of the ADRENALINE control plane follows broad Software Defined Networking (SDN) principles, such as stacking components in a hierarchical setting with different levels of abstraction. Network connectivity services are provisioned by an overarching control orchestration. In particular, at a given domain and layer, the control plane can based on the GMPLS technology and protocols — a distributed system in which a dedicated controller is responsible for each node autonomously — or follow SDN/OpenFlow principles, with a centralized controller that manages all the aspects of a network, dynamically configuring networks according to users an application needs. GMPLS control planes can be augmented with a Path Computation Element (PCE), which is an application or service that assumes specific tasks and responsibilities of the control plane such as computing optimal routes or acting as a central point for connection management (Active Stateful PCE). End to end Network Orchestration (to provide an overarching control regardless of the number of domains) is enabled with extensive usage of the Application-Based Network Operation architecture and framework, using the services of the ADRENALINE control plane. End-to-end network virtualization services are performed by a Virtual Network Controller, which is able to provide abstracted multi-layer network views to customers, ensuring security, isolation and independent SDN control (i.e., Customer SDN controllers).

As mentioned, in the all-interconnected context in which end-to-end 5G services may span heterogeneous cloud-computing and networking technologies, ADRENALINE includes an SDN Integrated IT and Network Orchestrator (SINO). A SINO is a centralized system able to coordinate, from a high-level view, cloud and network service management aspects in modern multi-tenant environments which provides the platform to run user applications and virtualized network functions (VNF Manager). A NFV orchestrator is also provided in to deploy end-to-end VNF through VNF Forwarding Graphs. The Cloud Computing service manager is implemented in terms of a modified OpenStack software, one of the top open-source distributed cloud computing systems.


The ADRENALINE SDN/NFV Cloud Computing Platform and Core Network for 5G Services