Tools for design, development and hardware assembly

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Software tools
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) designer for schematics and layouts (e.g., Altium, Mentor Graphics)
  • FPGA simulation and synthesis supporting industry standard languages (e.g., VHDL, Verilog)
  • Design and analysis of optical transmission systems (e.g., VPI photonics)
Agilent E3646A (3 units)
Dual Output DC Power Supply:

  • E3646A-OE3 – 230V single-phase 3-wire. 230 VAC +/- 23V operation, 47 to 63 Hz
  • 60 W dual output, dual range: 0-8V/ 3 A and 0-20V/ 1.5 A
  • Equiped with an easy-to-use rotatory knob and self-guiding keypads
  • Built-in GPIB and RS-232
  • SCPI compatible
  • Over-voltage protection and remote sensing
  • Low noise and excellent regulation
  • Front and rear output terminals
True RMS Multimeter:

  • Fluke 189 – Multimeter
  • TL81 – Test cables set
  • C25 – Multimeter box
  • Extremely fast readings
  • True RMS AC + DC measurements
  • 100 kHz AC bandwidth for voltage and current
  • Dual display with bargraph and two-level backlight
  • Min/max/average with real time clock and 250 µs Fast Min-Max
  • Frequency, capacitance, duty cycle & pulse width measurements
  • Resistance, conductance, continuity and diode measurements
  • Temperature and dBV/dBm with selectable reference
  • PC interface for data exchange and closed case calibration
  • Internal memory allows stand-alone logging of up to 1000 measurements (189 only)
  • Readings memory for up to 100 readings
Natural convection oven:

  • Model 2001243 – DIGITHEAT
  • Designed for drying and sterilizing with adjustable temperatures from ambient +5ºC up to 250ºC
  • Provided with a digital electronic temperature and time regulator, and with a Pt100 probe
  • The heat distribution inside the chamber is produced by natural convection
  • Resolution of 1ºC
LPKF Laser&Electronics ProtoMat C100/HF
Circuit board plotter suitable for producing circuit boards prototypes and engraved films:

  • CircuitCAM 5.0 – Combined Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program. To import check and edit circuit board production data in various CAM formats, and then output them again into a CAM format (LMD)
  • BoardMaster 5.0 – Program for automatic control of HP-GL-compatible LPKF circuit board plotters. Capable of reading in, displaying and processing production data in LMD format (generated in LPKF CircuitCAM) as well as production data generated in HP-GL format
  • Dust extraction unit
  • Dust extraction AutoSwitch
  • Head illumination
  • Applications: All 1 and 2-sided types of circuit board with usual equipment density (FR3, FR4, FR5, G10), flexible substrates, RF-substrates, milling cut-outs in front-panels, drilling test adapters, structuring film layouts, solder frames for PCB assembly, as well as SMD fine conductor technology, contour milling, front panel/plate engraving, rigid-flex PCB deep milling, separating and reworking of assembled and unassembled PCB’s, processing casings, multilayer up to 8 layers in combination with MiniContact-II and MultiPress-II
  • Speed of machining spindle: 100.000 rpm
  • Minimum conductor width: 0.1 mm
  • Minimum conductor interval: 0.1 mm
  • Minimum hole diameter: 0.2 mm
  • Motion range: 340 mm x 200 mm
  • Drilling capacity: max. 120 strokes/min
  • Motion rate: 35 mm/sec
CeNeCe Milling machine:

  • KRESS 1050 FME Milling Tool
  • CeNeCe-C6 Control System
  • Remote control
  • Attaching flanges (cast iron)
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Software Mach2 – The control software for the CNC milling machine. It works under Windows XP, transforms any PC into a professional numeric control system
  • Software VCarve Pro – The complete software solution for CNC Routing, Engraving & Sign Making
  • Heavy duty milling workbench, with corrugated aluminium sides for piece bearing through attaching flanges
  • Guides with lineal rolling bearings (15 mm)
  • Polyurethane dented belt transmission with unextendable interior steel threads, HTD3M step
  • High-speed movement (15.000 mm/min.)
  • Resolution: 0,01 mm
  • Compatible with any common industrial milling engine. Includes Kress 1050 W
  • CeNeCe 24HB90 200-step engines with 30 Kg/cm torque
  • CeNeCe-C6 controlling box
  • X and Y axis movement through dented belts
  • Z axis movement through trapezoidal screw drive
  • Axis ending detection
  • Workbench dimensions: 1590 x 810 cm
  • Working area: 1360 x 740 cm. Z axis working height: 80 mm
PROMAX FA-665 (4 units)
Triple DC Power Supply:

  • FA665AES01
  • Main output: 2 x (0 to 30 V / 5 A). Tracking function
  • Auxiliary output: 5 V / 1 A
  • Combines linear and commutation technology
  • Equiped with fine and coarse control to better adjust the voltage, together with a control to pre-set the maximum output current
  • All outputs are floating with respect to the earth