Optical Communication Test and Measurement equipment

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Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe:

  • 81630B – High Power Sensor Module, 28dBm
  • 81571A – Optical Attenuator Module, angled
  • High-performance optical multimeter for the characterization and evaluation of optical components (optical power, power loss, return loss)
  • Two slim module slots in order to host front-loadable modules
  • Graphical Display, 190 x 300 points, monochrome
  • Display Resolution: 0.0001dB/dBm, 0.01pW to 10pW
  • Trigger: true synchronous on all channels
AGILENT Infiniium DCA-J 86100C
Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe:

  • 86100C-001 – Enhanced Trigger, 13GHz BW
  • 86100C-200 – Enhanced Jitter Analysis Software
  • 86105C – 9 GHz optical / 20 GHz electrical sampling module, 750 to 1650 nm – SMF and MMF
  • 86105C-200 – Multi 9G filters – 9.953 Gb/s, 10.3125 Gb/s, 10.518 Gb/s, 10.66 Gb/s, 10.709 Gb/s, 11.1 Gb/s, 11.3 Gb/s
  • 83496A – Clock Recovery Module
  • 83496A-101 – Optical and Electrical Inputs, 50 Mb/s – 7.1 Gb/s
  • 83496A-200 – Extend maximum rate from 7.1 Gb/s to 13.5 Gb/s
  • 83496A-300 – Adjustable Loop Bandwidth
  • Full-function oscilloscope with bandwidth in excess of 80 GHz
  • Digital communications analyzer with automated eye diagram analysis for transmitter compliance testing
  • Jitter and interference analyzer, measuring subcomponent jitter
  • High-precision Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) for measuring both impedance and s-parameters
Optical Spectrum Analyzer:

  • AQ6317C – Mainframe
  • High wavelength accuracy
  • High wavelength linearity
  • High wavelength resolution
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Variety of functions (template check, external Gas cell calibration, WDM analysis and programming. Moreover, curve fit and SSE supress in NF analysis)
Fixed PMD Emulator:

  • EM-550 – Mainframe
  • Introduces a known PMD delay into a fiber, thus simulating the effects of PMD on the optical signal
  • Nominal values of 1 ps, 5 ps, 10 ps
CD/PMD Analyzer Source:

  • FLS-5800 – Mainframe
  • Modulated, polarized broadband fiber-optic source that has been especially designed to be used with EXFO FTB-5800 Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer and with EXFO FTP-5500B PMD Analyzer
  • Can also be used as a broadband source for DWDM channel and component testing
  • Wavelength: 1520 to 1640 nm
  • Maximum output power: 10mW
Universal Test system:

  • FTB-5500B – Polarization Mode Dispersion Analyzer
  • FTB-5800 – Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer
  • Streamlines field-based test and measurement operations into a single, powerful, revolutionary package (multi-tasking in the field)
  • A graphical, user-friendly interface for testing applications, using touchscreen or a mouse and a keyboard
  • Two-Slot receptacle to expand the testing possibilities
  • PMD range of 0 to 115 ps, using the interferometric method
  • Dynamic range of more than 50 dB
  • Uses the approved, highly accurate phase-shift method to measure chromatic dispersion (CD) in networks and fiber links in DWDM
  • 40 Gbit/s ready
Intelligent Test System:

  • IQS-510P – Control Unit. Option N10 (standard 256 MB of memory)+ Option I3 (GPIB Card) + Option G1 (CD-ROM)
  • IQS-1700 and OHS-1700 – High-Performance Power Meter (1 channel) and Optical Head
  • IQS-2600B – C+L-Band Tunable Laser Source
  • IQS-5100B – Polarization Controller
  • Integrated test solution for manufacturing, automation, optical qualification and R&D
  • Scalable system that includes a modular platform, expansion units, remote control and a comprehensive software environment
  • Adaptable to the most demanding optical T&M environments
  • IQS-510P – Designed for industrial use with 10 module slots
  • IQS-1700 – High sampling rate and fast stabilization. High-performance automatic gain control (AGC) algorithm for power measurements
  • OHS-1700 – The optical head will function with connectorized and non-connectorized fiber
  • IQS-2600B – Adresses the testing requirements for dense WDM component testing in th C- and L-bands. The source has a medium coherence length that avoids problems such as connector-induced interference and it is relatively immune to vibration. Its linewidth is made up of several longitudinal modes that are present simultaneously, resulting in no mode-hop-related measrement problems. It also features a high-accuracy encoder for consistency in results
  • IQS-5100B – Transforms the input state of polarization (SOP) of a light beam into a different output SOP. The scanning period as well as the start-up and the stop of the polarization process can be customized easily by software. Is ideal for measuring the polarization-dependent loss (PDL) of wavelength-dividion multiplexers (WDM) and passive components, such as couplers, isolators, and Bragg gratings
NetTest TUNICS-Reference
Tunable External Cavity Laser:

  • TUNICS-Reference – Mainframe
  • Model SCL – S+C+L band over 1460-1610nm; up to 10dBm output power
  • Option M – Polarization maintaining output fiber
  • Wide, fast, and 100% continuous tunability
  • Internal wavelength referencing
  • Full-featured wavelength sweeping mode
  • Mode-hop free
  • Outstanding long-term stability
  • Intuitive and user-friendly controls
  • Multiple modulation capability
Optical Power Meter:

  • PL023 – Model
  • FC/PC connector
  • Pocketsize, large easy to read LCD display, easy to use
  • Fast response, no warm up
  • Accurate measurement multi-wavelengths: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 nm
  • Direct loss measurement units in dB
  • Absolute power measurement units in dBm or µW
  • Wide testing range: from -60 to +17 dBm
  • Dual power supply: 9V DC battery or AC mains adapter (not included)
  • Large memory capacity of 3200 records
  • PC software for testing data collection and report generation (RS-232 interface)
  • Auto off function conserving battery life
Dual Wavelength Laser Light Source:

  • PROLITE-90 – laser light source of 1310 nm and/or 1550 nm
  • Output connector FC/PC
  • AA-012 – Car lighter adapter
  • AL-013 – Mains adapter 230V/50-60Hz for Europe
  • CB-042 – Rechargeable battery 7.2V, 1500mAh
  • Allows to select easily by means of direct access keys the desired wavelength, to generate a modulated signal or to activate the automatic operation mode
  • May be modulated with 270 Hz, in the case of the 1310 nm wavelength, and 2 KHz for the 1550 nm one
  • Output power of -5 dBm +/- 1 dB
  • 80h of autonomy typically
Keysight DSOX2012A
100 MHz oscilloscope:

  • DSOX2012A mainframe
  • One N2862B 150 MHz 10:1 passive probe per channel
  • 2 analog channels
  • 2GSa/s Maximum Sample Rate
  • Up to 1Mpts Memory Depth
  • 8-bits ADC
  • 200,000 wfms of waveform update
  • 8.5-inch WVGA display
  • Special Triggers
Keysight Osc
Communications Signal Analyzer:

  • CSA 7404 – Mainframe
  • 071-0716-04 – Rackmount kit (Option 1R)
  • 071-1078-01 – Optional Applications Software on Windows-Based Oscilloscopes: TDSCPM2 (Communications Pulse Measurements Application), TDSDDM2 (Disk Drive Measurements Application), TDSJIT2 (Jitter Analysis Measurements Application), TDSUSB2 (Universal Serial Bus Measurements Package)
  • 4 GHz bandwidth and 20 GSa/s real-time sampling rate option
  • P7330 – 3.5 GHz active differential probe
  • Classic analog-style controls, large touch-sensitive display, and graphical menus
  • Fast acquisition at up to 400,000 acquisitions per second for analog instrument emulation
  • Communication signal analysis, serial mask testing, serial pattern triggering, and triggering on communications signals
  • Optical-to-Electrical converter, optical reference receiver, and clock recovery provides single-connection convenience, protects integrity of system calibration, and increases versatility
  • Four input channels (each with 8-bit resolution), CH 3 signal output, and auxiliary trigger input and output
  • Sample, envelope, peak-detect, high resolution, waveform database, and average acquisition modes
  • Trigger modes include edge (up to 3 GHz bandwidth), logic, pulse, serial, communication, and sequence
  • Full programmability, with an extensive GPIB-command set
  • High-precision Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) for measuring both impedance and s-parameters
  • Powerful built-in measurement capability, including histograms, automatic measurements, eye pattern and statistics measurements
Arbitrary Waveform Generator:

  • AWG7122C – Mainframe
  • AWG7122C Opt.01 – Waveform length expansion (32M points to 64M points)
  • AWG7122C Opt.03 – Interleaved high bandwidth output
  • RFX100 – Base software RFXpress
  • RFX100 OFDM – RFXpress plug-in for Generic OFDM signal creation
  • High speed interleaved sampling with up to 24 GS/s
  • 9.6 GHz effective RF frequency output
  • 7.5GHz analog bandwidth
  • Up to 64 M samples record length
  • Down to 100 fs resolution edge timing control
  • Vertical resolution up to 10 bits (without marker output) or 8 bits (with two marker outputs)
  • 35 ps rise/fall time (20% to 80%)
  • Generation of complex digital communications, radar and WiMedia waveforms with RFXpress® software tools
  • Automated pattern calibration with a Tektronix
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope:

  • DPO72004C – Mainframe
  • DPO72004C Opt.5XL – Extended record length (50M points/ch)
  • DPO72004C Opt.SVE – SignalVU Essentials vector signal analysis software
  • DPO72004C Opt.SVM – General purpose digital modulation analysis
  • Real-time Oscilloscope
  • 20 GHz Bandwidth
  • 100 GS/s on 2 channels for increased insight (50 GS/s on all 4 channels)
  • 50 mega points record Length on all 4 channels
  • Low noise and ?5.4 effective bits for maximum vertical accuracy
  • Waveform Capture Rate with >300,000 wfms/s Maximum per Channel
  • Vector Signal Analysis Software supports RF, I and Q, and differential I and Q signals using the oscilloscope’s 4 analog inputs
  • General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis (Opt. SVM) provides vector signal analyzer functionality
DSC R401HG (2 units)
Linear PIN transimpedance amplifier:

  • Lab. Buddy option
  • SMA RF adapter
  • FC/APC connector
  • Linear response to > +3 dBm optical input
  • 600mVp-p of linear output voltage
  • 20 GHz of RF bandwidth
  • Conversion gain of 160 V/W
High Power Optical EDFA amplifier:

  • Bench-top with FC/APC connectors
  • +23 dBm output power option
  • DWDM multichannel applications
  • Wavelength range between 1529 and 1562 nm (C-band)
  • Nominal Gain of 30 dB
  • Low Noise Figure: 5.2 dB typical
  • Input power range from -30 to -5 dBm
  • APC, ACC and AGC operating modes
  • RS-232 and GPIB interfaces
  • Labview® drivers
  • Wide display and easy access menus
8-Channel modular platform:

  • OSICS Mainframe
  • Three TLS WDM source modules
  • RS-232 and GPIB connectors
  • Tunable laser modules with up to 90 channels in C or L band
  • +13 dBm utput power
  • Polarization Maintaining output for use with external modulator
  • SBS suppression
  • Wavelength stabilized for 50GHz ITU-T channel spacing
FINISAR Waveshaper (1×1 unit and 1×4 unit)
Programmable Optical Filter:

  • Models: 1000S and 4000S
  • FC/APC connectors
  • C-Band configuration
  • WaveManager software
  • Based on High Resolution Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology
  • Supports arbitrary user-generated channel and filter shapes with bandwidth from 10 GHZ to 5 THz
  • Both amplitude and phase of the filter shape can be generated by the user and then loaded into the WaveManager software
  • Frequency Setting Resolution: ±1 GHz (±8 pm)
  • Frequency Setting Accuracy: ±2.5 GHz (±20 pm)
  • Bandwidth Setting Resolution: ±1 GHz (±8 pm)
  • Bandwidth Setting Accuracy: ±5 GHz (±40 pm)
  • Dispersion Control Range: ±100 ps/nm
  • Dispersion Setting Resolution: <0.5 ps/nm
  • Attenuation Control Range: 0 – 35 dB
  • Attenuation Setting Resolution: 0.1 dB
  • USB 2.0 interface
8-Slot Modular Rack Chassis:

  • PRO8000 Mainframe
  • One LD controller module
  • 16 A Total Output Current
  • Remote control via IEEE 488.2 and RS232
  • Laser Diode Current Controller LDC8001
  • ±100 mA Max. LD current